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Do you want to work on your sight reading skills? Good for you!

Not only is sight reading part of being a great singer, it is also an important part of the TMEA audition process to make it into the All-State Choir and any Varsity Choir. We'll still be doing our normal sight reading in lessons, but the program will help you feel more confident and improve faster!

Members of The Sight Reading Club will receive:

  • Membership to Sight Reading Factory - a year of unlimited online practice examples and feedback!

  • a pass to attend Unlimited Sight Reading Workshops offered throughout the year - choose as many as you'd like!

  • Mock Auditions to prepare for TMEA and Varsity Choir auditions

  • Strategies and Tips for auditions


Just click below and fill out the online form then click SUBMIT. You have the opportunity to pay online after submitting. The one-time cost for membership is $55. 






Once you are signed up, please look for an email to help you set up your Sight Reading Factory account online.

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